Now you can download the full package of editable construction project risk assessment for any type of civil project works.

This covers 40 activities that are involved in most of the civil construction projects.

Each project task risk assessment file contains the details about activity and its sub activities itself, hazards, consequences, actual risk and residual risk after implementing the suggested control measures.

The major sections of every project risk assessment involves mainly:

  • Delivery and storage
  • Mobilization and preparation
  • Application or construction
  • House Keeping
  • plus relevant specific sections as per activity

There are other sections that depend upon the activity itself like working at height, permit to work, confined space, hot works, lone works and excavations etc.

Additionally each file contains risk matrix to calculate the risk rating as applicable for any organization or project.

Construction Project Risk Assessment

At the end of risk assessment table a general section is available that covers many simple but mandatory requirements, like:

Persons in danger: Workers undertaking the work. Persons passing the site location/ truck routes, e.g. members of the public and persons in the Vehicles.

Personal protective equipment: Safety Helmet, Gum Boot, Proper Gloves & Safety Goggles

Information, instruction and training: All personnel in the team are to be made aware of the safe systems of work. Ensure that good house keeping standard is maintained through out. Training and experience for personnel to use electrical equipments and vibratory equipments. Educate the personnel to handle chemicals such as concrete.

Emergency procedures: Site emergency procedures should make provision for the rescue of individuals from heights. First-aid facilities should be available to cope with any significant injuries that may arise from the work.

Monitoring and review: Work should be monitored by Foreman and charge hand who are trained to ensure that any additional precautions or equipment required are provided.

How to Download Construction Risk Assessments

The full civil works construction risk assessment package covers below civil activities.

  1. Acrylic Rubber Filled Coating
  2. Aluminium Canopy Installation
  3. Aluminium Handrail Installation
  4. Aluminum Cladding Installation
  5. Anti Termite Treatment
  6. Automatic Sliding Door Installation
  7. Base and Wall Cabinets
  8. Black Bitumen Paint
  9. Blinding Concrete
  10. Canopies Installation
  11. Carpets on Walls
  12. Concrete Repair Works
  13. Concrete Works Sub Structure
  14. Concrete Works Superstructures
  15. Coring & Cutting Of RCC Walls
  16. Curtain Wall & Glazing Installation
  17. Decorative Gravel Fill
  18. Excavation and Backfilling
  19. False Ceiling Installation
  20. Galvanized Wire Screen Installation
  21. General Demolition Works
  22. Handrail Installation
  23. Internal Paintings Works
  24. Louver Installation
  25. Painting Works External
  26. Plastering Work
  27. RCC Columns & Walls
  28. Reinforcing Bars Installation
  29. Roof Drains Installation
  30. Screeding Works
  31. Steel Structure and decking slab
  32. Stone Works
  33. Suspended Ceilings Installation
  34. Tensile Fabric Shades Fabrication & Installation
  35. Timber Doors Fabrication & Installation
  36. Underground Chemical Waste Tanks Installation
  37. Wall Panels Installation
  38. Water Proofing in Wet Areas
  39. Wire Screen Installation
  40. Wooden Floor Finishes