Download Project Completion Procedure with all necessary letter formats, that you will need as a main contractor or contractor. The documents are in editable format and you can use by just adding your company name and logo etc.

This procedure has been generally drafted on the basis on of the relevant standard clauses in the FIDIC form of Contract, which form the majority of contract agreements used in the world.

The purpose of the procedure is to ensure that key issues during the Project Completion stage of the construction cycle are administered in accordance with the Main Contract, including:

  • Taking Over Certificates
  • Defects Liability
  • Final Payment Application/Certificates

In addition to the main procedure for project completion you shall also get below templates:

  • Application for Taking Over Certificate
  • Statement at Completion
  • Application for Defects Liability Certificate
  • Defect Liability Certificate
  • Issue of Draft Final Statement
  • Issue of Written Discharge