Download procedure for management of capital expenditures including property, plant and equipment’s.

The procedure and attachments are in editable format and you can use for your project and company.

This procedure describes the treatment for tangible assets such as buildings, plant and machinery, vehicles etc. in respect of:

– Additions / Acquisitions

– Recording / Safeguarding

– Depreciation

– Disposals

This procedure applies to all offices and projects unless specially determined by the management of the company.

In addition to the procedure you shall get below attachments:

  • F-01 Request for Capital Expenditure
  • F-02 Asset Disposal Record Approval
  • Appendix A – Guide for Useful Life and Residual Value for Construction Assets
  • Appendix B – Flowchart Asset Disposal, Record New Assets and Assets Depreciation
  • Appendix C – Sample Asset Register