Download Corporate Commercial Management Procedures Package that consists of 21 procedures. These procedures can help successfully establish a corporate commercial department policies.

All procedures are having necessary formats, schedules, reports and templates etc.

The best part is that all documents are in editable MS Excel and MS Word files. So you only need to add your company name, logo and designations etc. after which the document is ready for approval and implementation.

These procedures comply with international standards like ISO 9001 QMS therefore very useful for certification purpose.

Below is list of procedures you shall get instantly in your email after online payment. Each procedure comes with different forms, reports and formats which we are not listing here, only main procedure title is mentioned.

  1. Project Reporting Pack
  2. Bonds and Guarantees Outgoing
  3. Standard Contract Agreements
  4. Subcontractor and Major Supplier Enquiry Procedure
  5. Project Handover Kickoff Meetings
  6. Project Initiation and Main Contract Administration Procedure
  7. Subcontractor and Major Supplier Management Procedure
  8. Claims Variation and Disputed issues
  9. Contract Review Procedure
  10. Contractor’s Monthly Statements
  11. Corporate Commercial Review Procedure
  12. Cost and Revenue Control
  13. Cost Codes and Budget Management
  14. Legal Contractual Issues
  15. Project Cash-flow and Flexible Budget Report
  16. Project Forecasting
  17. Project Insurance Procedure
  18. Provisional Sums and Nominated Subcontractors
  19. Suspension and Termination Procedure
  20. Project Commercial Finalization
  21. Project Completion Procedure