Method Statement for Installation of Hot Water Circulation Pump

This plumbing method statement covers the nature and type of work for HOT water circulation pump installation as per site requirements for any kind of construction project. Procedure also covers frequency on which the inspections are to be carried out.

All documentary requirements for this installation activity shall be submitted for approval and this shall include Manufacturers data, certificate of compliance, brand designation, type and class including samples as applicable.

Project manager shall have full authority and overall responsibility to manage, supervise, control the works and have direct responsibility for ensuring safe working practices and compliance with regulatory authorities’ requirements, co-ordinate with engineers and main contractor for execution of the scope of works. He will also ensure the implementation of the project quality and safety systems to the satisfaction of the project HSE requirements. Review changes and variations to evaluate impact of those on time and schedule.

Plumbing project engineer is responsible for ensuring that all works are carried out as per the specifications, approved shop drawings and method statement as per the manufacturer instructions and coordinated with other works.

QA/QC engineer is responsible for monitoring the works are in fulfillment with the specified requirements that all quality records related to the works are complete. He will also ensure that all installations shall be done as per approved material, approved layout shop drawing and coordination drawings, approved installation details and approved mock-up. Also to carry out all the inspections with the contractor and client QC engineers and consulting engineers.

Quality Control Engineer along with Project Engineer and Site Supervisor will monitor that all components are installed as per contract specifications and approved submittals.

Responsibilities of Site Engineers, Supervisors and Foremen

Site engineer will co-ordinate all the site activities according to work schedule, and shall ensure the water circulation pump installation according to the Project Specifications, Manufacturer Data Sheets and approved shop drawings. Liaise with site representatives of Consulting Engineer and coordinate safety procedures with site supervisors and site foremen. Shall Co-ordinate and explain the work to be carried out to the Supervisors / Site Foreman. Ensure the compliance of works with the related approved Quality Control Procedure and co-ordinate consulting engineer to advise for the areas to be issued for inspection.

The project team of experienced Supervisors and Foremen shall ensure the best quality of the pump installation work, also ensure that it is as per the latest approved shop drawing issued for installation and according to instructions received from the Site Engineer. Provide their subordinates (charge hand and skilled labors) adequate information to carry out their duties. Ensure that he has adequate resources of machinery, labor and materials to carry out all the activities efficiently and to discuss with the Site Engineer. Ensure safe and clean working environment to enforce a safe working habit. The implementation of the procedures mentioned in method statement will be carried out by site supervisor.

Health and Safety Requirements

A task based risk assessment and mitigation strategy shall be developed and attached with the method statement.

Work will commence as per safety regulations laid down in the contract specification and project safety plan.

Safety gears shall be used as per project standards.

All personal protective equipment shall be used as appropriate according to the nature of the job.

For electrical works, provide nonconductive tools and PPE.

Working on live power cables/equipment is not allowed.Method Statement for Installation of Hot Water Circulation Pump

ELCB shall be used in temporary panel boards; industrial connectors/sockets for temporary power cable connections.

Always maintain cleanliness in work areas.

Housekeeping shall be of good standard and all cut pieces and debris shall be removed by the end of workday.

Ensure that all lifting operations are carried out as per approved procedures and safety regulations.

Ensure that adequate barricade and signage “DANGER KEEP-OUT, HEAVY LIFTING IN PROGRESS” is provided around the work area.

Pump installation work will be executed through Permit to Work system.

Scaffoldings shall be checked by competent person and should carry green tags “safe to use”, prior to use for working purpose.

All plant tools tackles will have valid certificates.

Lifting machines, appliances and gear to be examined by qualified rigger and shall have valid certification.

Workers working at height to wear their full body harness and should be anchored to a rigid point.

Nobody is allowed to stand on the top of the step ladder; worker should stand two rungs below from top of the step ladder. A co-worker must hold the step ladder while in use.

Work inside shafts are not allowed without work permit and supervision.

Work areas to be provided with proper lighting and ventilation at all times.

Store tools and equipment and unused materials in a safe area at the end of the workday.

Method statement / risk assessments to be briefed to all concerned personnel and signed as read / understood.

Necessary Tools and Equipment

Below is list of necessary tools and machinery for installation of the hot water circulation pump.

  • Ladders/Scaffolds
  • Lifting Equipment’s / Devices
  • Pallet trolleys/rollers
  • Standard Mechanical Tool Box
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Spirit Levels
  • Applicable PPE

All Instruments shall be checked and calibrated to ensure accuracy before using at site.

Pre Installation Requirements

All workers shall attend safety induction conducted by main contractor and giving the specific Training on the safe installation methods.

Make sure material technical submittals for Hot Water Circulation Pump are approved.

Ensure proper access to and from work area is provided.

The piping supports and power supply location shall be checked in coordination with piping and power layout (and ensure piping load is not supported by the pumps) for removal and maintenance.

Ensure necessary resources in terms of labor, plant, equipment’s, tools and task lighting are arranged to carry out the job.

Ensure the operatives are trained on this Method Statement and discuss method statement with all concerned parties.

The easy excess and sufficient clearance shall be ensured for servicing, operation and maintenance.

Ensure all constraints on operations have been identified and precautions are taken.

Ensure all the hoisting chain / belts are in good condition and checked by competent Specialist third party provided with valid certificate prior to any lifting activity unloading of materials at designated storage area and ensure no blockage to any access.

Prior to commencement of work, the Engineers & Supervisor/Foreman will inspect all materials delivered to work place are checked for their shipment check list and ensure they are the relevant pieces/items for the site and materials are not damaged, without excessive scratches or visible corrosion.

Only required materials to be shifted to site and stored temporarily and ensure excess materials are not dumped to site and congest the working area.

Installation Sequence For Water Circulation Pumps

Transfer the circulation pumps units from the stores to the areas where they are to be installed as soon as the concrete foundation is ready and in the correct location as per approved layout drawings.

Hot water circulation pump pipework will be thermal insulated and cladding calls for pump bodies, air vents, drain valves and altitude gauge connections must be extended clear of the insulation thickness and finishes, manufacturer recommendation will also be considered.

Ensure pump location are arranged to provide access for periodic maintenance, including removal of motors, impellers, coupling, mechanical seals, etc.

Place the pump on the prepared area and align the pump as per piping layout discharge and suction approved shop drawing details and outlet delivery pipe work.

Acoustic & Anti-Vibration isolators/ neoprene pads will be installed on the base mounting as required for the Hot Water circulation Pumps as per manufacturer’s recommendations and the specification.

Ensure all isolation valves installed are square and plumb, allowing sufficient access during operation and maintenance.

Nuts, bolts and clamps are also to be checked to ensure proper tightness by using torque wrench.

Provide flexible connection for every individual pump between the pump and piping connection, make sure all flange connections are complete with gasket seals.

Connect the pipe work to the Hot water circulation pumps as indicated on the approved shop drawings.

Support the pipework adequately to ensure no additional load is borne by the Circulation pump, provide supports as per approved details and project specification.

Complete the termination of all electrical power connectors.

Ensure all cables & wire terminations are done by competent electricians having valid certifications only.

Make sure all BMS, interchange, control, and electrical power connectors have been installed and termination is done properly.

Alignment and testing of Hot water circulation pumps will be carried out by the specialist contractor/manufacturer, including Tools and instruments dial gauges with calibration certificate.

Pumps are mounted on the foundation as per manufacturer standards.

Make sure approved tagging/labeling is provided as per specification.

Cover the installed pumps with polyethylene sheets for protection against dust and minor damage as per approved IAQ plan.

Testing & Commissioning of Hot water circulation pumps shall be done as per the relevant approved method of statements.

Work Inspection Request (WIR) shall be submitted by Site Engineer to consultant for verification, inspection and approval.

Inspection Requirements

Many of the installation requirements included in the procedures will come from the Supplier/manufacturer.

Care should be taken to ensure that the requirements of the manufacturer and any of technical manual(s) have been included.

Ensure the specified test on plant and equipment’s shall not invalidate the manufacturer’s/supplier’s warranty.

Supervisor will complete the inspection checklist and follow the Inspection & Test Plan detailed in this procedure.

The intent of this procedure is to establish a high level of assurance that the end product meets the specification requirements.

QA/QC inspectors should verify the approved procedures are followed and the inspections and testing records are completed.


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