Drainage System Piping Installation Method

Below is precise method statement of the installation of drainage piping system.

The procedure can help plumbing engineers to understand how the drainage system piping can be installed easily.

PRECAST U-DRAIN 600mm x 600mm

Setting out / Pegging for drainage line shall be established by surveyor.

Excavation for surface drainage shall be carried out to the dimensions of 700mm (w) x 900mm depth.

The precast U-drain shall be in 600mm lengths true to shape, sizes and dimensions as per the drawing.

U-drain shall be laid on 100mm thick compacted sands to the proper falls and joined straight true to lines and levels. The joints shall be cement grouted.

RC capping of 100mm thick x 150mm (w) complete with all necessary reinforcement tied to starter bar, formwork and placing in with G30 concrete.

Installation of V-Shape Road Side Drain

Setting out / Pegging for drainage line shall be established by Surveyor.

Excavation in V Shape trench to a depth of 300mm with sides 300mm width.

Lay fabric reinforcement A6 in single layer raised on chair.

To place in 75mm thick concrete and rough trowel finish.Cascade Drain Installation Method

Cascade Drain Installation

Excavation for cascading drain shall be carried out to the dimensions as shown in the approved drawing.

Ensure the compacted base and lay fabric reinforcement A7 raised on chair.

Prepare the concrete base to a thickness of 125mm and lay half round precast concrete drain in steps.

Now construct 225mm thick brick wall complete with plastering on both sides of wall.

PIPE CULVERT CLASS 2 (600mm dia – 1800mm dia)

Excavation for pipe culvert shall be carried out to the dimensions and size as shown in the drawing complete with strutting and formwork.

Lay and compact hardcore for bedding and lay 50mm thick lean concrete.

Now lay 150mm thick concrete bedding, the pipes shall than be laid with ends true to lines and gradient.

The annular gap shall be filled with cement sand mortar (1:3) with sufficient water added to ensure adequate workability.

Backfill the pipe culvert with suitable earth stockpiled.


Excavation for box culvert shall be in accordance to a depth and size as shown in the drawing.

Lay 225mm granular bedding and ensure it is leveled.

Box culvert shall be laid as close as possible and the maximum gap in between shall not be more than 20mm and the difference in level not more than 5mm.

The gap shall be filled with cement mortar (1:3) and finished smooth.

To ensure uniform bearing, a layer of cement grout shall be spread along the top of the walls to the invert where the lid will sit.

Construct 150mm thick wing wall, compact base with hardcore lay lean concrete, concrete base with reinforcement, starter bar to wall, formwork, install 50 dia pvc pipe for weephole and place in vibrated G30 concrete for wall.

Backfill with suitable earth stockpiled and compact the sides.

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